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Southeast Asian,Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Art |

Southeast Asian,Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Art

On this auction event collections, we present our latest timed-auction of Southeast Asian,Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Art from 01 Sep to 24 Sep 2023 (UTC+8)Bid... show more

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Masterpiece has been helping collectors buy and sell world-class works of arts since 2003. Browse through our collections of properties available to buy now. Masterpiece’s Private Sales offers a range of categories including fine art, jewelry, watches and bags. Whether you are seeking for a specific item, or wish to sell your property, our team of sale directors is ready to source, sell and advise on your behalf. Unlike auction prices which are subject to demand, private sales prices are fixed, clear and always mutually agreed by both parties.

Auction Basics

Auction has been one of the most effective and elegant platforms of commerce to value unique and valuable items. Collectors and consignors have consistently turned  to Masterpiece to buy and sell their valuable properties for great values.

Browse our calendar  to view our upcoming auctions. All of our live and online only auctions are open to public, and are accessible from anywhere around the world.
How does bidding work?

When a lot is open for bidding, we accept incrementally higher bids until a sole final bidder remains. The final bidder wins and purchases the lot. However, if the bidding fails to reach the reserve price, the lot will pass unsold. 

By submitting your bid, you have read and agreed to the Conditions of Business  of the sale as set out in the catalogue and on the website.

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